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ai generated pcb part in bue and orange hues

Designed to provide maximum performance and robustness, the Onix product line includes adapter cards for various standards such as FMC, PCle, PXle, JTAG, ethernet over cable, fiber, USB, SATA, DDR4/3, and ASIC prototyping boards based on Xilinx FPGAs.

The Onix products are designed to aim at R&D and long testing cycles. It is based on high-quality PCB materials, SI/PI simulations, and design compliance tests before customer delivery.

FMC Cards

Fully compliant with VITA standards, our products offer a variety of FMC, HPC, and FMC+ HPC cards. The Onix FMC cards provide a standard modular and flexible form factor connected as a Mezzanine card on carrier boards.

fmc card ONIX-FMCP-SFP28-X4 prduct

Interface Cards

Flexible and easy to use, the Onix Interface cards provide standard boards to connect to various standard interfaces, such as FMC, PCIe, PXIe, JTAG, ethernet over cable, ethernet over fiber, USB, SATA, and DDR SODIMM RAMs.


Tailored for standard interfaces, the Onix products can be combined together to provide extended interconnect KITs for standard interfaces such as FMC, PCIe, and PXIe. Onix KITs are precisely crafted for versatile lab tests and seamless integration into high-end products.

kit ONIX-KIT-FMC-PCIE3-8X product


Based on the AMD-Xilinx Ultra Scale family, the ONIX-VU440-2 module board complies with standard high-speed interfaces and off-the-shelf FMC boards. The Onix module package features ‘Onix Dashboard’ management software.

module onix-vu440-2 product
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