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Mission Possible

Defense Industry

Our Board Design services for a leading company in the defense industry, customized for a unique system adapted to various platforms

When a leading company in the defense industry, which specializes in manufacturing advanced weapons and combat systems, reached out to us, they had a special challenge for us: developing and designing a unique system with mixed signal constraints and an emphasis on very low power consumption. 

Due to the complexity of the project, A., the company’s R&D manager, worked closely with T., a top senior engineer at Dgtronix. T. was appointed to ensure that the system was designed for maximum efficiency by using advanced simulation tools and advanced production methods, as well as raw materials.

men in room working on computers presenting technological interfaces with a military appeal

After intensive work, a successful experiment was conducted with a prototype card, allowing the development and manufacturing of additional versions of the card. A. points out that it was necessary to implement project management strategies while adhering to different disciplines.

“Dgtronix went above and beyond, investing overtime and weekends on this project. The integrations were very short, even when working with the team from afar”.

— A., R&D manager, defense industry.


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