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Cables Out, Fiber In

Dust Photonics

For their optical fiber transceiver's new technology, Dust Photonics asked us to design and manufacture a stable and accurate 400Gbps test equipment in a single shot

Remember the big data centers we've all seen at the movies and documentaries when we were younger? Cables and lights all over the place? Well that’s out the door… Who needs cables for network when we have the option of a single fiber optic transceiver?!

close up to fiber optics going through pipe

A fiber optic transceiver is a device that uses fiber optical technology to send and receive data, by encoding or decoding data into light pulses and sending them to the other end. A laser is used when sending data as light, on the other hand, a photodiode semiconductor is used to receive
light pulses.

DustPhotonics is an Israeli based company that is funded by Intel. Since its establishment in 2017, the company develops fiber optical transceivers which can load up to 400 Gigabits. Their superior technology, AuraDP™, is designed to solve the traditional problems of optical transceivers by optimizing optical coupling with passive fiber alignment in high volume manufacturing. DustPhotonics innovation and technology enables higher performance, lower total cost of ownership and higher reliability.

You may be wondering how they test and validate their products’ quality and high performance in real-time without having any test equipment? Well, they do have a need for advanced test equipment; and this is where we, Dgtronix, come into the picture due to the complexity of the mission. This requires us to design and manufacture a stable and accurate 400Gbps test equipment in a single shot!

"We worked closely with the Dgtronix R&D team. The design flow and execution were performed with very high-level hardware design expertise. The project management and progress tracking made it possible to comply with the project deadlines.

In addition, design reviews were presented in an informative and highly-organized PowerPoint slides, including high-speed design considerations and solutions, compliance-matrix summary for each system requirement, and risk management.

We are very pleased that we've chosen Dgtronix to execute the project. We look forward to future collaborations and many more successful projects together".

— Amit Oren, VP R&D at DustPhotonics.


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