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onix-kit-fmc-pcie-8x product on dark background


FMC to PCI Express Gen 3 over Cable – KIT

onix-fmcp-sfp28-x4 product on dark background


FMC+ HPC Board with 4 x SFP28 Transceivers

onix-vu440-2 product on dark background


ASIC Prototyping Board based on the AMD XCVU440-2 FPGA


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pcb in moment of manufacturing being assembled
PCB Manufacturing Tolerances & High-Speed Design

Signal integrity simulations must be performed when designing high-speed PCBs. An essential thing to remember is that the...

pcb surface
PCIe GND Via Fanout Location: Does It Matter Where?

PCIe is a vastly used High-Speed interface. However, routing PCIe signals and passing compliance simulations and performance tests are more challenging than one can think. Check out a simple...

pcb surface
UVia Optimization

Micro-vias are used in high-density, mixed-signal, and high-speed boards. To drive high-speed signals through vias, especially micro-vias, the via size, antipads surrounding them, and return-path GND vias must be located very carefully...

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The Physical Causes of High-Speed Signal Propagation Losses

It is well known that the characteristic impedance of a transmission line will vary depending on the bandwidth of the signals...

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“Dgtronix has undertaken circuit design project work for us. The project was delivered on time and to a very high level of both quality and satisfaction. We confidently recommend Dgtronix and intend to use their expertise again.”


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"I've been working and cooperating with Dgtronix for over 10 years on various projects. The team at Dgtronix are true professionals, always delivering top performance to the last bit."


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"Dgtronix has been providing design and development services for various types of PCBs, enabling us to bring our ideas to execution confidently. Their end-to-end support has been instrumental in the success of our projects, delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions throughout the process."

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