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When QM

Met Dgtronix

The next leap

in quantum computing

Over the last few years, some of the leading computing companies worldwide, such as Google, IBM and Microsoft have poured incredible resources and efforts into making quantum computers become  a reality. In  short, quantum computers have the potential to solve an incredible variety of problems in no more than a few minutes, compared to their counterpart, the classiccomputer, which requires no less than thousands of years for the same task.


Some of these companies have already made major progress in developing the underlying quantum technology and even building demo-machines, but  at this point, none have managed to build a robust and scalable quantum computer that could fulfill the immense expectations.


 Lately, Quantum Machines, a Tel-Aviv-based quantum computing startup, has made significant progress in this area by developing their Quantum Orchestration platform, a powerful new platform that accelerates quantum research and development, and provides new advanced capabilities to unlock a new era of quantum computing. QM’s platform features software, hardware and RF.


For their development, QM used a number of Dgtronix’s services, which helped them accelerate their R&D and obtain outstanding results.


While it may be a few more years until we reach scalable quantum computers,  it’s worth noting that quantum computing is considered the next big thing to change the world, in terms of real-world applications,  on a similar scale

 to medicine, finance, energy and defense systems.

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