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"In this version, I will also choose to work with DG because I believe in you - when I succeed, you succeed, it goes together." Says A. R&D manager, defense industry.

Dgtronix designed a unique system, adapted to various platforms, for a leading company in the defense industry.


After intensive work on developing & designing a unique system, adapted to various platforms, R&D manager A. talks about the process of working with Dgtronix and reviews the successful experiment that led them to the desired serial production.


Specializing in developing advanced combat systems, and manufacturing advanced weapons for large security organizations, has been the company's specialization. But, last year with A as the lead, a unique system, with mixed-signal design constraints, and an emphasis on minimization & very low power requirements began developing.

"The integrations were very short in time, even when they worked from afar." A.

Due to the complexity of the project, A began working with T. a top senior engineer at Dgtronix, who was appointed to ensure that the system was designed for maximum efficiency, by using advanced simulation tools and advanced production methods, as well as raw materials. A. points out that it was necessary to implement project management strategies while adhering to different disciplines.

" We value his efforts;  T went above and beyond, investing overtime and weekends on this project".  A.

After a successful experiment was conducted with the card last year, A's goal was to develop and manufacture additional versions of the card.  To help him achieve this goal, he has chosen to work with us again, and  we look forward to collaborating on this next chapter.

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