At Dgtronix, we provide services to a wide spectrum

of disciplines and technological business areas, including:


Aerospace & Defense

Products for the Aerospace & Defense Market are required to comply with extensive environmental conditions along with Long term lifetime, extensive tests and MTBF analysis. We provide services for the leading companies in this field of business activity. Selected customers: Elbit, IAI, MOD, Rafael


Miniaturized SoC ASICs with advanced High-Speed interfaces are a common characteristic of the contemporary Semiconductor Market. Selected customers: Apple, Intel, Western-Digital


The emerging demand in high rate bandwidth drives telecom companies to develop advanced Telecommunications systems, employing advanced SoCs/ASICs with Very High-Speed Interfaces, Management abilities, and Redundancy support. Selected customers: Ceragon, RAD, Silicom


The Automotive market exhibits a continuous growth in advanced Multimedia systems and Sensors integrated into automobiles. Those systems are required to perform in the harsh environment of temperature vibration and shock. Selected customers: Railvision

Consumer & Mass Production

Consumer products are aimed at mass production, hence they must be designed with maximum cost reduction in mind, and in compliance with system specifications.


Advanced Medical devices employ advanced CPUs, SoCs, FPGAs, and fast interfaces.

These devices are required to perform in the highest and most accurate ways by processing data of micro-volts and nano-amperes extracted by sensors. The utmost attention is required in regard to the safety and reliability of the device. Selected customers: Nano-Retina

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