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PCISIG 2015 - Prepare for Next Generation USB Technology Testing
The Power of Vias - August 2016 by Dudi Tash, Dgtronix
PCISIG 2015 - Physical Layer Test Challenges at 16GBit/s with PCI Express​
PCISIG 2015 - Explore Efficient Test Approaches for PCIe at 16GT/s
Dgcon 2014  - The main SI & PI event on Israel
Dgcon 2014 - Nitin Bhagwath about "DDR4 and LPDDR4 Board Design and Verification Challenges" 
Dgcon 2014 - Package and PCB Simulations for EMI compatibility by Mr. SHAI SAYFAN ALTMAN (Hebrew)
Dgcon 2014 - Base Materials Development: Reliability in Low Loss/High Frequency applications by Mr. ALUN MORGAN 
Dgcon 2014 - Mr. BEN RUBOVITCH about "Interconnect in 25Gbit Signal Integrity guidelines"  (Hebrew)
Dgcon 2015 - The Main Signal & Power integrity Event In Israel! 
Dgcon 2015 - Design Considerations To comply With EMC Requirements (Hebrew) 
Dgcon 2015 - A New Calibration Method for Characterization of PCB Insertion Loss 
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