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Signal & Power Integrity


The majority of today’s board designs employ very high-speed signals on relatively small PCB real estate. In order to achieve robust and regulatory-compliant design quality, most designs require both Pre- and Post-Layout Simulations.


Based on accumulated knowledge and hands-on experience, Dgtronix provides customers with highly reliable and accurate Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Simulations for bit rates over 30Gbps. The process, which includes signal integrity analysis, is increasingly important for all board designs for any type of implementation. 
It detects problems early in the project design cycle to avoid unexpected design re-spins, and results in reduced Time-to-Market.


Increased accuracy is achieved by using the latest versions of 3D Field Solvers such as:  CST, ADS and HyperLynx.

Verification of the Simulation Analysis is done by performing comparison measurements of the actual parameters of the manufactured PCBs.


Dgtronix holds proven track record of simulations services that effectively:

  • Verify the Signal and Power Distribution Network quality

  • Reduce Crosstalk and Noise propagation to signals

  • Ensure effective power distribution and cost-effective power supply decoupling

  • Reduce product costs by choosing the best fit PCB Materials

  • Provide full compliance with various interface standards, including harsh environmental requirements

  • Reduce development time and cost


The following figures exhibit several examples of Signal & Power Integrity Simulations performed by Dgtronix:

3D Simulations
Connector Analysis
Return Loss
Insertion Loss
Eye Diagram of 10Gbps / 10inch Channel
Current Density Simulations vs. Measurements
Simulations vs. Measurements
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