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Innovative technology and expertise

have led Dgtronix to a position of leadership

in the development and marketing of

Turn-key solutions for technology companies.


Founded iN                                


headquartered in

Herzliya Israel



The Dgtronix team combines

 tens of decades of experience

 in Hardware Design for a wide range of


These solutions are complemented by a host of hardware design services




Mechanical Design


Stress Analysis

over 95% correlation between

our simulations and the product in reality

95% of our customers mentioned
their satisfaction with our time schedule 

97% of our customers mentioned
their satisfaction with our design

100% of our customers mentioned
their satisfaction with our service 

100% of our customers mentioned their 

satisfaction with the quality of our products

PCB Manufacturing

 PCB assembly

Procurement Services


Dgtronix’ solutions

are based on advanced methodologies,

coupled with the


in-house team




hardware engineers

Fast response time

real-time problem solving

dedicated on-site service and support

strong interdisciplinary communications

 no compromise on quality

Simply put

these are the building blocks of every

Dgtronix solution

combined with comprehensive pre- and post-sales service

technical support, and customer training


Dgtronix’ services

are tailored to

mid and largesize organizations

as well as technology start-ups in the fields



We understand that deploying successful solutions depend on successful partnerships.

As a result, Dgtronix partners with leading technology companies to maximize the value we bring to our customers.


Key Advantages

key advantages

The viewpoint of Dgtronix’ CEO, Dudi Tash,

is that a key to success is based on the

synergy of Knowledge,

Interpersonal Relationships and Procedures.

Based on those elements, Dgtronix

holds a proven track record for Expertise,

1st Shot Design,


and Value for Money.

core competences

subsidiary companies



Dudi Tash Founder & CEO

follow dudi tash

dudi Tash founded Dgtronix in 2008

and is the company CEO

Coupled with a strong technical and business background

Dudi leads the Dgronix team

with over two decades of Hardware Design

and development experience

Mr. Tash's expertise includes:

Very High-Speed Digital Board Design

Signal/Power Integrity Simulations

Analog Design

Power Supply Design

VHDL/Verilog Design (FPGA and CPLD)

 Regulatory Design Compliance and Testing

Prior to Dgtronix,

dudi held the positions 

HW Director at Slyde Technologies, a multimedia-on-wireless provider

Previous positions included

Senior HW Development Engineer at Flexlight Networks

actively involved in the area of GPON; Senior HW Development Engineer at Silicom (part of the RAD Group), dedicated to SAN communications systems; Digital HW Development Engineer at Atrica (NSN), an optical communications company with a focus on 10G Ethernet

Digital HW Development Engineer at Orckit Communications (Corrigent), a leading xDSL system provider

Dudi lectures on

advanced High-Speed Board Design and Electronics

And holds a

BSc (TE) in Electrical Engineering

and an

MBA, both from Tel Aviv University

check out our

 Business Areas & Expertise

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